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I'm not sure there's even an answer to this question because it may have to do with personal vision. I know that 50mm is considered to be a "normal" focal length, but what focal length is considered to be "normal?" (As in, what is seen through the lense is the same size as seen with the naked eye.) I shoot sports a lot and from what I see, I think it's between 90-115mm. Does anybody know an exact focal length? Or, is it a mattter of your own vision?

BU's Chaz Carr defended by NU's Barnes (who needs hooked on phonics)

I saw the cheerleaders hoisting each other so I shifted over a few feet and put the scoreboard behind here. I think it's an interesting shot, but I think the scoreboard looks better.

John-ny Cur-ry! Named "Most Improved" by New England Hockey Writers

Our Golden Child -- Chris Bourque. The son of the legendary Ray Bourque. Unfortunately for us, he signed with an amateur team in Quebec and won't be back next year. Unfortunately for him, he had no choice because he was practically failing out of BU.

Our security sucks so we hired a resident ninja to keep order during games. (Actually, it's my friend Doug who is a black belt in Kung Fu, and dressed as a ninja for the game on Halloween. We won, and he was mandated to dress as a ninja for the rest of the regular season.)

Rhett gives all his bitches (pun intended) the SHOCKER

#6 Kenny Roche

#9 Captain Brian McConnell

#8 Ryan Weston (fastest mofo on skates EVER)


Yandle (laying down) is a lazy sack of Wildcat CRAP

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