Lulu (robotiksynth) wrote in phototips,

Hey, new here. I've recently started to get into photography and I was wondering if anyone could help me with some tips or suggestions etc and maybe some comments about what they think of my photos. Thanks!

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oh and here's my fotki if anyone wants to see more photos
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Looked at your photos... I've been in photography for thirty years... written 8 books on Photography, and just started another one for Sams publishing... not trying to brag (yeah, right), just identifify my qualifications.

I like your photos, although you're taking photos of pretty standard stuff: candles, walls (I assume you wanted your shadow), but it's always a place to start. I'll assume you would rather have some critical comments... as opposed to "gee, you stuff looks great."

One thing, and this is typical of new photographers... watch your angles. Remember, photographs take a 3-dimensional world and compress it down to 2 dimensions. That's why buildings look fine when you see them in the real world, but look like they're falling over, when you look at the photograph (wrong angles). The images, especially of the buildings, have angles that distract the mind from the image.

The cool thing about photography is that it's a very subjective medium to work in, and what I don't like, might translate into a rich, successful career... at least that's what I keep telling my students.

Keep the faith, and keep shooting.

Andy Anderson
Hey thanks for the comment =), epsecially that it is something I can use. I'll keep those things in mind!