annwfn (annwfn) wrote in phototips,

Pentax SFX

I'm pretty new to photography, so bear with me. I normally use my Canon A-1, which I love. However, I only have a 50 mm lense for it. I have a Pentax SFX with 80 mm and 210 mm lenses. I'd like to do some shooting with it tomorrow.

My problem is I don't have the instruction manual. I have it set on manual mode, but I can't find the film speed and shutter speed settings. I don't even know if it has those setting, or if it's just manual aperture. I'd really like to use this camera, so if someone can give me information about it or direct me to somewhere that has information, that would be really, really great. Thanks very much.

(I also posted this to cameraquestions. If it shows up twice on your friends page, I'm sorry. I just really would like some help.)
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